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Date Match Odds Score Verdict
27/01/15 Sheffield Wed vs Birmingham +0.5 0-0
26/01/15 Getafe vs Celta Vigo -0/0.5 2-1
25/01/15 Brighton vs Arsenal -1 2-3
24/01/15 Wigan vs Huddersfield 0 0-1
23/01/15 AC Arles Avignon vs Nancy +0/0.5 1-0
21/01/15 Fulham vs Nottingham Forest -0/0.5 3-2
20/01/15 Middlesbrough vs Cardiff City +1 2-1
19/01/15 Nancy vs US Orleans +0.5/1 2-2
18/01/15 Sevilla vs Malaga -0.5/1 2-0
17/01/15 Rotherham vs Bournemouth +0.5 0-2
15/01/15 Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid +1 2-2
14/01/15 Ipswich vs Southampton -0.5 0-1
13/01/15 Woking vs Oxford City +1.5 2-1
12/01/15 Hamilton vs Dundee United +0/0.5 2-3
11/01/15 Arsenal vs Stoke City -1/1.5 3-0
10/01/15 Bolton vs Leeds United +0.5 1-1
09/01/15 Accrington Stanley vs Bury - - Postp.
08/01/15 Luton Town vs Shrewsbury 0 0-0
07/01/15 Preston vs Walsall +0.5/1 0-2
06/01/15 Gillingham vs Bristol City -0.5 2-4
05/01/15 Burnley vs Tottenham +0.5/1 1-1
04/01/15 Sunderland vs Leeds United -0.5/1 1-0
03/01/15 Derby County vs Southport +2.5 1-0
02/01/15 Cardiff City vs Colchester +1 3-1
01/01/15 West Ham vs WBA -0.5 1-1
30/12/14 Wigan vs Sheffield Wed +0.5 0-1
29/12/14 Fulham vs Brighton +0/0.5 0-2
28/12/14 Reading vs Norwich City +0.5 2-1
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Date Match Odds Score Verdict
27/01/15 Chesterfield vs Crawley Town -1/1.5 3-0
26/01/15 Rochdale vs Stoke City -0.5/1 1-4
25/01/15 Bristol City vs West Ham -0.5 0-1
24/01/15 Tottenham vs Leicester City +0.5/1 1-2
23/01/15 FC Twente vs Heracles Almelo -1.5 2-0
21/01/15 Tottenham vs Sheffield United +1.5 1-0
20/01/15 Preston vs Yeovil Town -1 1-1
19/01/15 Everton vs WBA +0.5 0-0
18/01/15 West Ham vs Hull City -0.5 3-0
17/01/15 Derby vs Nottingham Forest +0.5/1 1-2
15/01/15 Juventus vs Hellas Verona -2 6-1
14/01/15 Tottenham vs Burnley -1 4-2
13/01/15 Chesterfield vs Scunthorpe +0.5/1 0-0
12/01/15 Coventry vs Swindon -0.5 0-3
11/01/15 Blackburn vs Wolverhampton +0/0.5 0-1
10/01/15 Everton vs Manchester City -0.5 1-1
09/01/15 Ajaccio vs Nimes -0.5/1 0-1
08/01/15 Granada vs Sevilla +0.5/1 1-2
07/01/15 Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid +0.5 2-0
05/01/15 Cordoba vs Granada 0 2-0
04/01/15 Chelsea vs Watford +2/2.5 3-0
03/01/15 Tranmere Rovers vs Swansea +1/1.5 2-6
02/01/15 Milton Keynes vs Chesterfield +0.5/1 0-1
01/01/15 Hull City vs Everton +0/0.5 2-0
30/12/14 Derby vs Leeds United -1/1.5 2-0
29/12/14 Barnsley vs Oldham Athletic - - Postp.
28/12/14 Blackpool vs Rotherham United +0/0.5 1-1
27/12/14 St. Johnstone vs Dundee United +0/0.5 2-1
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